Tell Your Friends: Force Facebook to Block All Child Pornography

It’s incredibly easy for you to spread the word. Using Social Media to share the Stop Child Porn on Facebook Campaign will make a huge difference.

The easiest way is to use Facebook itself. If you click on the Connect button below, we’ll ask your permission to instantly publish your support of the Campaign to Facebook. That’s all it takes.

Or as an alternative, you can just drop email names into our “share” tool (below) and the system will send a message you can personalize to your friends and family via email.

And please, also go to the Causes Petition site and sign the Petition in addition to sending your cards.

We know the key to success is “in the numbers.” So far, Facebook has tried to ignore the issue. With its declining stock prices, their attention seems to be on other things. And, politicians rarely respond unless enough people speak up.

But our combined postal campaign and petitions will force them to respond. But only if enough of us take real action right now.

Stop Child Porn On Facebook – A MenAPAT Campaign

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